Disrupting Mobility Summit

LSE Cities, MIT Media Lab

A Global Summit
Innovating Sustainable Futures


Disrupting Mobility is a collaboration network and conference series hosted by leading mobility and cities research centers internationally, including LSE Cities, MIT Media Lab, the Sustainable Transportation Research Center at UC Berkeley and Fraunhofer KEIM.

It brings together thought-leaders and innovators from across science, government, cities and industry to explore and delineate sustainable mobility futures. Disrupting Mobility seeks to advance research and progressive policies and strategies for integrated transport transformation, sustainable mobility and liveable cities.

The founding conference was hosted at MIT Media Lab, Boston in 2015. On 15-16 May 2024 Disrupting Mobility will take place Berlin, Germany. The aim is to take stock of the last 10 years of mobility innovation and transport transformation and to look towards the next 10 years.


In the past years, many of the mobility innovations anticipated in 2015 have matured. Electric mobility has gained significant fleet share, renewable energy now accounts for 30% of global energy generation, shared and micro-mobility have gained further traction and many cities around the world are pursuing low-emission and car-reduction strategies to improve liveability and sustainability.

However, overall mobility innovation has not had the required impact on transport decarbonisation to meet global emission goals and overall share of sustainable mobility services has not grown significantly. Transport demand continues to grow and current levers of decarbonisation and transformation do not provide for sufficient gearing to effect genuine and systemic change to mobility provision. Cities and regions continue to suffer from high levels of congestion, spatial inequality, air pollution and unsustainable land use. Overall share of public and shared mobility has not displaced private motorisation and car use.

What are the barriers to genuine transport system transformation and sustainable urban mobility? Why have mobility innovations of the past 10 years not had more significant impact? We now have at our disposal a rich set of technologies, strategies, use innovation, service offerings that have the potential to truly transform how we organise mobility and enable more sustainable and liveable cities and regions. What operating frameworks for urban and regional mobility are required to interface, integrate and realise the transformative potential of these innovations?

Disrupting Mobility 2024 in Berlin will bring together a select group of global thought leaders, mobility innovators, operators and experts to explore pathways to more effective change and impact for positively disrupting mobility and advancing truly sustainable cities and regions.

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15.05.2024 - 16.05.2024

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