Mobility Breakfast – Startup Networking Breakfast with Spanish Startups


Kickstart your day at the Mobility Breakfast and build bridges between the Berlin and Spanish Startup Scene

This Mobility Breakfast Networking event, is an exclusive opportunity to start your day by connecting with amazing Spanish Startups from the Berlin Desafía Program, an initiative by and the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) and bridge over the Spanish and Berlin Startup scene.

Over breakfast and morning brews, engage in meaningful conversations with startups that are redefining their industries. Explore collaboration opportunities, get to know the latest automotive and mobility startups from Spain and network in a casual setup.


GAIA Green Tech Solutions is dedicated to building a comprehensive network for electric vehicle (EV) charging. They focus on creating accessible and efficient charging solutions to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles.

Remoteo / OFFUGO Mobility is a Saas B2B mobility connector designed to help traditional car rental companies deliver a 100% digital and hassle-free rental experience to their customers.

The software helps companies drastically reduce headcount in the points of sale (up to 100%) and completely remove customer waiting times while offering new selling opportunities.

Novality / Servicios Urbanos specializes in creating secure and innovative parking solutions for bicycles and scooters. They offer various parking models, including surface, hybrid, and underground systems, all equipped with individual lockers that include charging points. These solutions are managed through an app that allows users to reserve and access lockers, enhancing convenience for urban mobility.

Rhyde specializes in refurbishing and selling electric scooters and e-bikes. Their business focuses on providing sustainable, cost-effective mobility solutions by renewing and recycling used electric vehicles. This approach not only makes eco-friendly transportation more accessible but also contributes to reducing electronic waste.

IMotion Analytics specializes in artificial intelligence and machine vision solutions. They focus on analyzing video signals with advanced algorithms to detect and count people and objects, understand demographic data, and monitor social distancing and emotions.

Effimove offers a comprehensive car comparison platform that helps users find the best car options according to their budget and needs. It compares various types of cars, including electric, hybrid, and traditional fuel cars, based on total mobility costs, which include purchase price, consumption, and maintenance.

Findspo is a technology company that utilizes big data, deep learning, and natural language processing to promote sustainability. They offer a range of solutions aimed at enhancing human, faunal, and floral life by integrating data ecosystems for a sustainable global impact.

The Car Mentor / The Sanbitt Company is an online vehicle recommendation platform designed to help users find the perfect car based on their personal preferences and requirements. It provides tailored suggestions and detailed comparisons of different vehicle models to assist buyers in making informed decisions.

OLU / Mitte is a platform for centralized management of parking sales channels, addressing the key challenges of managing multiple channels. As of today, in Spain alone, we have over 25 digital channels.Challenges include inventory management and optimization, as well as allocation of spaces across channels leading to overbooking issues. There are also problems with tariff management; imagine having to modify tariffs in 23 different back offices. Additionally, there are issues with non-standardized reporting, forcing operators to download data from each system, standardize it, and consolidate it.


The Berlin Desafía Program is promoted by and the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) to enable Spanish companies to open up new market opportunities.

Desafía was established by and ICEX with the aim of enabling Spanish businesses to access the most advanced technological ecosystems globally. Through Desafía, companies can receive guidance, support, and connections with influential actors in each ecosystem, all provided by domain experts. Moreover, Desafía is a community that comprises entrepreneurs, mentors, and established enterprises.

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10:00 - 12:00 Uhr

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