Rise of AI Conference

AI for Humans GmbH

Since 2014, the annual Rise of AI conference connects AI experts, decision-makers, opinion leaders and game changers to discuss Artificial Intelligence for society, politics and economy.

Personally hosted by Veronika & Fabian Westerheide, the conference truly shapes and connects the German AI ecosystem.

Join Rise of AI Conference to tap into an exclusive and unique network of C-level shapers and movers off AI.

>> https://riseof.ai/conference-2024/


Rise of AI Conference is hosted by and for the German AI Ecosystem:

  • Seek the exchange with like-minded entrepreneurs and people active in AI.
  • Extend your network with relevant personalities from the AI industry.
  • Understand the state of AI and field’s of use in 2024
  • Deepen your knowledge in sustainable AI, trustworthy AI, complying AI and secure AI.
  • Meet potential cooperation partners or multiplicators of the German AI ecosystem.
  • Win new contacts, leads and partners for your projects.
  • Join 40+ interactive formats from keynotes to roundtables
  • Receive exclusive invitations to partner events

08:30 - 19:00 Uhr

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