Webinar: 100 % Test Automation – Is this the future?

Veranstalter: SIBB e. V.

Human involvement on quality assessment is becoming more and more trivial. Or at least there is a heavy trend on Automating things and involving technology in testing.

From test conferences to your companies management decisions, often the overall vision is to Automate as much as possible. This has been the overall theme for many years especially in Agile, whether it solves our quality related problems or not. A “billion dollar industry” with unlimited options as well with many misbeliefs.

During this webinar Karl Koost – FOB Solutions is going to share his (skeptical) thoughts about Automation today and tomorrow, where QA industry is heading and is the term “Manual Tester” doomed.

As this is a very debatable subject, there is the hope to mix things up with listeners thoughts as well.

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16:00 - 17:30 Uhr