BIH Digital Health Accelerator Demo Day

BIH Berlin Institute of Health

This annual event is a must-attend opportunity to connect with innovators working at the top of their field, get a peek into cutting-edge technologies, and network with investors, insurers, medical experts, and other entrepreneurs in the community.

  • 9 new teams representing 8 medical disciplines
  • 10 spin-offs with 4 more spin-offs coming in 2024, 1 round of Series B funding, 1 exit
  • 7 years in operation

Join this event in Berlin to see this year’s BIH cohort, chosen from a competitive pool of applicants, demo their digital health solutions to the public for the very first time. From a software solution for victims of sexual violence to a platform for treating neuromuscular disorders, these nine products are designed to be the medical tools of tomorrow.

You’ll leave this event with valuable insights into the current state of digital health and the latest trends emerging from one of the biggest university hospitals in Europe.

Moderator: Tjaša Zajc, Digital Health Expert, Host of internationally renowned Faces of Digital Health podcast; Advisory Board Member of the HIMSS

Impulse speaker: Dr. Johanna Ludwig, Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon; Medical Advisor; Co-Founder of Luujuu; Digital Health Expert


18:30 - 20:30 Uhr

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