Fireside Chat: Time for Digitalisation

organized by SIBB e. V. and Everuptive Sp.z.o.o.

A new approach to trainings ans knowledge management

After more than 3 months of lockdown and emergency remote work, many companies are considering to transfer numerous processes to the online word for good. Some studies have shown, that we will most probable digitalise the majority of employee trainings, onboarding, and knowledge management processes. But are we ready to do so?

Join the online event co-organised by SIBB and Everuptive and learn what are the challenges of digital transformation, what should you consider when making your company more digitalised and how can you prevent the most common mistakes.

During the meeting the organizers will walk you through the following topics:

  • Digital transformation
    -Why we were so hesitant to implement it before the pandemic? And why should it change forever.
    -How the digital transformation of processes can bring your company to the next level?
  • Knowledge management & online processes – solutions and best practices
    -E-learning as the new way of knowledge management
    -Online trainings to scale your employee development and save resources
    -Virtual onboarding to onboard new employees more efficiently and decrease retention rates
    -Webinars & online events to boost your employer branding efforts

For further information and registration, please click here.

15:00 - 16:00 Uhr

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