How to Find a Convincing Business Angel

Organizer: SIBB e.V.

Join us for an insightful online event, „How to Find a Convincing Business Angel,“ where we’ll delve into the world of angel investing and help you navigate the path to finding the perfect Business Angel for your venture. This event is perfect for startup founders, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in understanding how to secure angel investment to fuel their business growth.

In this session, Arnas Bräutigam will share valuable insights on:

  • Identifying the most promising angels within the often-murky investment ecosystem
  • Mastering the art of making successful contact through intros or cold outreach
  • Preparing for the crucial questions you’ll face in your first investor meeting

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical knowledge and expert guidance to help you secure the angel investment your startup needs to thrive.

10:00 - 12:00 Uhr

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