Start Up Energy Transition

Powered by dena Deutsche Energie-Agentur gmbH
In cooperation with World Energy Council

A global innovation platform supporting innovation in energy transition

Start-ups and innovation are playing a crucial role in our net zero future. That is why this event wants to give a voice to the innovators of tomorrow to ensure that decision makers place innovation in energy at the top of their agendas, while industry leaders employ innovation as the clear path to their decarbonisation goals.

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is implemented with the conviction that a sustainable future is directly linked to innovative business models and political will. The SET platform is powered by the German Energy Agency (dena), in cooperation with the World Energy Council (WEC).

At its core, the SET platform is built on three pillars: the SET Award, the SET Tech Festival, and the SET Newsroom.

SET Tech Festival is a one-day event bringing together innovators shaping the future of energy.

The SET Tech Festival is back on 20 October, 2021 under this year’s motto: Reduce, Reuse, Re-energize! Get to meet the brightest entrepreneurs, innovation-driven corporates, investors, and public organizations shaping the future of energy, and find out who are the five winning start-ups of the SET Award 2021.

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