1st International Urban Mobility Dialogue 2017

The Urban Mobility Dialogue 2017 discusses one of the most elementary necessities in modern cities and in life: Mobility.

Citizens travel many kilometers to work, shopping, holiday or even education. Transportation of goods, keeps the cities alive and mobility should be completely available for handicapped people.

Innovation and collaborative participation are fundamental pillars to pave the way to our new cities. Smart cities, cities of the future, sustainable cities need to consider the citizens as the core of their developments.

How can we understand ourselves as mobile humans within future cities and how can we coordinate many different aspects to achieve a common virtue for our future?

During the 4 days of the Urban Mobility Dialogue 2017 in Berlin key note lecturers will be presented in the mornings, followed by workshops and dialogues in the afternoons. These formats are supplemented by specific presentations, such as conceptual vehicles and an exhibition. Dialogue groups guided by coaches will discuss specialized topics and common problems. The Dialogue is completed by excursions to main stakeholder from industry, science and innovation.

An event by academus GmbH.

You can find more information here.

01.11.2017 - 04.11.2017

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