9th Blockchain@HTW Conference

HTW Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

This conference once again aims to merge two multi-faceted disciplines: The tech community with that of the legal/regulatory/political community. The burning question — how can emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain technology both individually and collectively change, design, and shape the domains of trade, technology, environmental sustainability (or preservation) & human rights? For the creation of new approaches to balance multi-sector interests, we need to better understand one another’s perspectives and various needs. This upcoming conference presents a platform for both communities to jointly embrace and steward global responsibility.

To delve into this exciting topic, the organizers curate a series of presentations by experts designed to provide comprehensive insights. Within the framework of global responsibility, they will discuss how technologies will be able to safeguard human rights, environmental conservation, and protect not only society but also multi-national trade as well. Thought leaders will present ways in which technologies can facilitate contractual compliance more easily and cost-effectively with greater transparency and improved monitoring.

What truly sets this conference apart is the formation of collaborative working groups during the program. These groups aim to generate at least a minimum viable product (MVP) to help answer the critical questions. Whether you’re interested in e-government, tackling issues like climate change, or navigating the complexities of data protection and fake news, the working groups offer a unique chance for active participation. Each working group will have a limited capacity of only 15 spots. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

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03.06.2024 - 04.06.2024

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