Global South Entrepreneurship Night

Westerwelle Foundation

Think summer evening event with drinks and networking at a rooftop venue, looking over Berlin


​Trusted connections are crucial for business growth. That’s why this event brings different organizations and individuals to the same place – creating an informal setting to build connections with the right people.


​Anyone passionate about supporting and building businesses in Africa, Asia, and Latin America is welcome to join, including diaspora, support organizations, experts, and entrepreneurs.


​What’s on the agenda? Insights into the global startup scene, followed by breezy max 5min spotlight presentations from partner organisations. After that you will enjoy African beats and Mexican arepas while networking.

​The event will take place during the Westerwelle Young Founders Conference – an annual highlight bringing 20 exceptional founders from Africa, Asia and Latin America to Berlin.


​This event is made possible by the Energy Network for Berlin & Africa (ENBA), a programme implemented by the Westerwelle Foundation and co-funded by the Berlin Senate that facilitates expansion opportunities for Berlin green energy SMEs and startups, providing them with the knowledge and network needed for successful entry to African energy markets. Membership is free-of-charge.

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18:30 - 22:00 Uhr

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