It’s not Machine Learning. It’s Human Teaching!

organized by: SIBB e. V. together with Codete & IE University

We humans have made a gigantic leap in the use of technology and are living through times where everything is almost possible.

We have nurtured technologies that amplify and expand our reach and multiply the ways we can get to a solution. We have created artificial intelligence that is almost indistinguishable from human nature and, whether we like it or not, more capable in many, many tasks. One of them is cybersecurity and the discovery of patterns ‘hidden’ in a communication. The time has arrived for us to present the moral and ethical questions in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The moment has come to wonder about the limits -if any- in the use of these technologies and what the future (of now) will be holding for us. Since, at the end of the day, it’s not the machines that are learning… but us.

It’s not Machine Learning but how we, the people, teach machines the right way.

Speaker: Ramsés Gallego

With a background education in Business Administration (MBA) and Law, Ramsés is a +22 years security professional with deep expertise in the Risk Management and Governance areas. Ramsés is now Security, Risk and Governance International Director with Micro Focus and he also teaches in different universities on Digital Transformation, Change and is visiting professor in the Master of Cybersecurity for IE Business School. Ramsés is also Executive Vice President of the Quantum World Associatio. He lives in Barcelona, Spain, with his wonderful wife and his two loved kids.

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17:30 - 18:30 Uhr